Musician, Athlete, Coach, Artist, Geek… Jason Garriotte (aka Chords of Truth) Announce New Acoustic Folk Album Release

“Shadows Sessions” is an existential and reflective musical journey over the course of 10 songs in the intimate style of the acoustic guitar singer-songwriters from the 60-70s – Coming September 17th is a new Chords of Truth album. Listen now to Shadows Sessions Here For the past decade, Jason Garriotte (aka “Chords of Truth”) has been writing, recording, […]

The “Shadows Sessions” Story

 A little over 10 years ago I played my first open mic at a small coffee shop in Clemson South Carolina. Since then I have performed countless times all over the United States. I have also written, recorded, and released multiple albums and singles of original songs. Which are all things I never thought […]

Freedom is… A State of Mind!

We are living in strange times. The concept of “Freedom” is being redefined on a daily basis. Perspectives are being shattered. Due to COVID-19, People with addictions to all manner of chemicals and substances, control dramas, power trips, adoration, etc… are unable to get their fix as usual. One of my favorite quotes is, “Technically […]

Hope for the Future of Food on Planet Earth… and Beyond!

Every once in a while I’m sure all of us have absorbed  a new idea that changes us completely, almost instantly. I am personally always looking for this experience. These can come in many forms, but I recently had a major mind stretch regarding how our society is going to feed future generations… and it […]

Lyrics video for new “Chords of Truth” single “Dreams”

After turning my original “Reflections of Reality” Acoustic EP of??7 inspirational folk songs into a collaboration project with 14 producers generating 57 electronic remixes spanning the genres of Dubstep, House, Trance, Electrofolk, Progressive, Folktronica, Hip Hop, etc…, I am once again creating classic singer/songwriter folk tunes with my new single “Dreams”.

Chords of Truth Releases a Trippy Folkstep Music Video to an Electronic Remix of “Listen”

This brand new video showcases a trendsetting musical collaboration merging the styles of traditional vocal/acoustic folk music with the crunchy beats and sounds of modern electronic dubstep.   Since the release of the “Chords of Truth Reflections Project” in early 2012, audio and visual artists have transformed the original 7 acoustic folk songs. They have […]