The Origins of “Moon Time” – (original song by Chords of Truth)

In the fall of 2013, I was awoken in the night with the phrase “Moon Time” in my head after the viewing of a documentary on electronic music gatherings converged with the prior knowledge that life on this planet is strongly influenced by the moon. This creative inspiration generated several new songs including “Moon Time” as the first single to be released.

Back in the early 2000s I discovered the 13 Moon Calendar and researched the history of time keeping. It astounded me to find that throughout history the imperial empires would systematically force their calendars on any culture they conquered in what appears to be a control tactic. Our current Gregorian calendar of measuring dates according to the sun with months of random days disconnects our essence from nature. We are the only known species to even know what the date is. The rest of the planet more intimately revolves around (pun intended) the cycles of the moon.

No calendar is perfect as it is pretty difficult to perfectly measure “time” by attaching it to the revolutions of the earth through the solar system.?? So there always has to be slight adjustments made periodically to keep seasons and weather patterns consistent for times of year. But everything from the tides to female menstrual cycles are affected by the moon, so why are we not living according to this framework??? “Moon Time” is meant to celebrate our cosmic connection with the moon and promote harmony with all of nature through a change in our perspective of time.

Working with producer Jef Joslin, recording engineer Spencer Clarke, and drummer Michael Hagen, we created an upbeat Americana acoustic folk tune with a message and a catchy chorus. has called Chords of Truth “an acoustic powerhouse”. And 10 Mile Stereo said “Chords of Truth is a unique story teller with a distinct bass voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash.” Be sure to look for new songs to be released over the coming months.

Jason Garriotte
~Chords of Truth

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