Freedom is… A State of Mind!

We are living in strange times. The concept of “Freedom” is being redefined on a daily basis. Perspectives are being shattered. Due to COVID-19, People with addictions to all manner of chemicals and substances, control dramas, power trips, adoration, etc… are unable to get their fix as usual.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Technically the only two things we enjoy are Serotonin and Dopamine.” So basically, we all get what we crave in our own ways.

So as we examine what it means to be free, we must remember that everything is under some form of control. All of the movements and interactions of every aspect of every atom on up to galaxies moving through time as we perceive it, is being influenced by something else. Yet everything has a measure of control over actions that create their reality… and that is what we call “choice”.

Our lives consist of a series of choices that, as made, impacts the universe and leaves a history that interacts with the universe and generates new choices for each of us as we move through space and time.

Within this framework we have the “freedom” to make certain “limited” choices that are available to us based on our current situation. For example, if your previous choices have led you to be incarcerated in a governmental prison system, or enslaved as a victim of abduction/human trafficking, then your choices for major life decisions are limited. But there is always some level of freedom that does exist.

As the song lyrics talk about how even the water in rivers have “freedom”, but are still under some control by forces like gravity. It’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves what makes us free, whether we truly want to be free, and then to BE FREE.

Essentially, Freedom is… A State of Mind!

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