Can We Even Know What Is “True” Anymore?

How many more times does something that the media or a politician declares a conspiracy theory, a hoax, no evidence to support, or thoroughly debunked, yet turns out to be true, is it going to take until people realize they’re doing that all the time?

I am in full support of a free press, but that is not what is going on… at all! And social media is so much bigger because it’s subversive, and can be minimally tweaked to produce a desired outcome.

I do not engage in social media. I do consume it though. Meaning, I read and watch but rarely post, like, or comment. In the past year or so I started watching Twitter as a way to observe the pulse of the current events and what I’ve found is pretty interesting.

I only follow around 50 accounts and they’re almost all famous, but I don’t even go to my feed. I go to the search tab and check out what’s trending, then follow research from there.

One trend I’ve noticed within the trending tab (haha) is that every morning, if a hashtag could be considered pro Trump or GOP in any way, then 90% of the comments as I go through them are saying something about the fact that “Russian Bots” are in full force this morning. And when Bernie was still running, if any hashtag would have been considered negative for any other Democrat nominee, 90% of the comments would be referring to the “Bernie Bros” making it trend. Most of the time it took me a while to even get to what had happened that was making the hashtag trend at all.

And one of the most blatant biases I saw was whenever I decided to check the comments to one of Trump’s tweets. I’m sure that someone can try to justify the fact that 90% of the comments as I read through (meaning the ones the algorithm is showing me), make it look like most people hate him. When in fact we all know that about half the country loves him… with enthusiasm! So that just doesn’t add up. Regardless of your political leanings.

Anyone that didn’t see the most recent media take down of Bernie Sanders is not paying attention at all. It was so obvious that even late night talk shows, who are usually in line and step with the rest of the media outlets, were pointing out what was happening. I think more than likely the comedy writer teams have at least some Bernie supporters so they had to address it. Who knows? But it was exactly what we’ve watched the media do time and time again.

So right now, we are all in this crazy time where we’ve been forced to drastically change our lives based on a perceived threat that is being blasted at us through all forms of media, and we have to try to decipher this information (and dis-information) on a daily basis as it ramps up to unprecedented levels.

Even under these circumstances I still find myself amazed at how many people I have always considered to be very open minded and “aware”, that cannot see past their “programming” to recognize that something else could be going on right now. So won’t even consider that their perspective could be clouded to the extent that it is.

A good analogy for this is when you’re in an intimate relationship. For so many of us, when we’re in it, no one could convince us of how wrong someone is for us. But then when it’s over you can’t understand how you were so blind to the truth at the time. Well that’s what’s going on here, but with the realization that you may be being tricked into believing a false narrative that will be so apparent once you’re aware of it.

So… in order for you to even consider listening to me further right now, I feel like I need to give you a little background. I was in my early 20s when 9/11 happened. I had recently finished college and was applying all over the US looking to get my career started. Then everything changed.

As decisions were made by our government in response to the attacks, I became very interested in learning about who was actually in control of our world. So for about 2 weeks I went down a rabbit hole of mind blowing information reading from official government and organization’s websites along with many random websites. Needless to say my eyes were opened, and since then I’ve just watched the “show” following the monetary and geopolitical moves being made and learning how to read between the lines.

As the 2016 US presidential campaign ramped up, so did the show. I remember early on in the primaries I couldn’t understand how Trump kept winning. It was crazy. He obviously was winning with a certain type of voter at first while the traditional Republican voters were spread across a number of candidates. But then he started building momentum until he won the nomination. So at that point it made sense for any Republican to vote for Trump regardless of how they felt about him, because that’s our political system.

On the Democrat side, I remember talking to a group of friends of mine early on in the primaries that were Bernie supporters. He was doing well at that point and it looked like he could be a contender. But I said to them, “there is no way they are going to let that happen.” And when I said it, I even admitted at the time that I did not know who “they” were going to end up being. But it was going to be someone.

I won’t go into the full details of what happened except to point out that if the GOP would have had superdelegates they would have stopped Trump like the DNC did Sanders. I’ve heard the narrative that Hillary won some tight primaries early but then ran away with it. No way! Anyone that was watching, or even goes back and researches the early stages, can see that without the help of superdelegates Hillary would not have secured the nomination.

Bernie would have run away with it, and in my opinion we would probably have President Sanders right now. His supporters had the energy of the Trump supporters but the DNC heads wanted Hillary so that is what they got… and we all know how that turned out. My initial reaction was at least the current world order just had a wrench thrown in their previous plans and will have to deal with a few disruptions by a loose cannon lol.

Over the coming months I watched as our country went crazier than it already had been, and even more divided. Whenever I visited news apps I just couldn’t believe that the guy I’d seen on tabloid covers for years, had bankrupted multiple businesses, and was a reality show star, was now the President of the United States. And we were all going to have to see, hear, and read about him and live with the decisions he makes for years to come. It was surreal!

Then late summer of 2017 I became aware of an alternate possibility for what was going on and not only did I hope this could be true, but it actually made sense once I opened my eyes and first decided to consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, Trump is not a total piece of sh*t.

I know, I know, this is a big first leap and it was tough to do. But once I started watching events unfold through this lens it was amazing what I saw. I am still on the fence as to whether this is actually the reality of our situation, but events continue to follow this narrative. So here it is.

“Trump may have been approached before the 2016 election by a group of “Patriots” within our government and military personnel to be the leader of a planned operation to take down the corrupt global “Cabal” and free the world from their tyranny.”

I understand how that might sound to anyone, let alone someone that hates Trump. Even typing this it’s hard to believe that I think this could be possible and that I’m writing about it. But I really hope you will continue reading because whether this whole narrative is true or not, it should at least make you think about a few things.

In the fall of 2017 it felt like the whole world was a boiling pot ready to explode. It seemed like we had mass shootings everywhere, protestors in the streets, Q posts started, and the arrests in Saudi Arabia of high profile multi-billionaire royal family members occurred where there were shootouts and helicopter crashes during attempted getaways. Along with the freezing of their funds.

As someone that has been reading between the lines for many years now, I recognized how significant the Saudi Arabia arrests were. I’m not going to go deep into the US/Saudi relationship, but just consider why we would get our oil from the other side of the world from a strict islamic theocracy. Why would we support them militarily? And it’s not because we can’t get oil anywhere else.

Then on the same calendar day, but half a world’s time zones later, in the US there were planned Antifa protests with the New York Times printing on November 1, 2017, “The TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! NOV 4. It Begins. BE THERE. JOIN WITH THE THOUSANDS.”

Which at the time seemed like it could get some traction. Unlike the Occupy movement, this one had a unified, definable goal that actually could be achieved and therefore potentially resolved.

Police in every major US city were ready for it. News crews were out. Then the day came and just a handful of people in each location showed up so most of the police went home by early afternoon because not much was going on. Something stopped this movement dead in its tracks and from what I’ve seen, as always, you just need to follow the money (funding for organizations).

So when this “Must Go” campaign didn’t materialize then it was apparent to most people that Trump was going to be POTUS for a little while at least. The Mueller investigation was ramping up though and as I tried to follow what was going on I was finding it more and more difficult to get the “facts” about anything. When I say facts I mean “all of the known information associated with a certain event.”

I have always checked multiple news websites on significant stories to make sure I have a clearer picture of what is going on. And I rarely watch cable news or prepared videos other than actual clips without commentary to experience first hand something being discussed in an article (like an interview or press conference).

But at that time I came to the realization that in order to get even a decent picture of what was really going on, I was going to have to even check Fox News. Which for me was another major shift as I considered them and MSNBC to be 2 biased sides of the same coin, but even worse (MSNBC and Google News had been my primary news source for years). But what I had found is that every major media network was saying essentially the same thing. Leaving out the same details, framing the same narrative, etc… except Fox News.

Now of course, they’re famous for that lol. But what I usually found was that within their opposing narrative was crucial information that was left out of all the other publications I had viewed. While Fox News generally left out information that could have hurt their narrative as well. So basically on anything significant I came across I had to cross reference it with what Fox was reporting so that I could make up my own mind about what I thought was going on. But at least I had more of the available information to work with, not just a biased narrative.

One example of this that made me laugh out loud at the time, at home, by myself, are the homepage screenshots for these 2 news sites at the same time on October 30, 2017. I read the articles back then, but just imagine what the differing versions would have looked like lol.

CNN “Robert Mueller is the most power person in Washington” | Fox News “Mueller’s Ridiculous Claims”

Over the years I would randomly decide to dig into researching online about topics like science, technology, health, spirituality, the history of our civilization, the future, etc… Which would lead me to certain websites that I would add to my favorites and would check them every once in a while to see what certain communities were talking about.

I’ve never really followed anyone in particular and just try to assimilate as much information as I can while trying to draw my own conclusions based on what makes sense to me. Which is where a major situation arises for each of us. What “makes sense to me” is a complicated concept that is built on many years of personal “mental programming”along with how we’ve interacted with our environment and others. All of which form our “world view” that most of us keep closely guarded once we become attached to it, making it very difficult to change.

So as I continued to watch events unfold into the winter of 2017, one of the things I kept my eye on were the Q posts. And I’m not talking about reading an article or watching a video of someone analyzing Q posts. I’m talking about sites that just aggregate any post to those specific boards that have this specific code attached to it that can’t be faked. I don’t really know how it all works but what I understand is that somehow these posts are known to all be from this same account and no one knows who controls it.

In case you haven’t heard about the Q posts, or have only heard it referred to in the media in the context of something like “Qanon followers believe”, here is a very quick summary.

On October 28, 2017 an anonymous post appeared on the 4chan message board and there were consistent posts from that account until 4chan was shut down. Then a replacement message board was created called 8chan and the posts started up again on there and have continued until the present.

Even at this point, I have no idea who is authoring those posts or what to think about the overall narrative that has come to be known as “Qanon”. What I do know is that I have probably seen every Q post within a day or two of it showing up since they started.

And what I see is that most of the posts are either some form of encouragement or Q proposes questions and/or ideas with references/links to publicly available information that continues to connect major corruption networks at the highest levels of the governments and corporations worldwide. Some of which is very disturbing and admittedly pretty hard to believe sometimes (like rampant human trafficking), yet continues to become more plausible as events unfold.

What’s been really interesting to me is how the media has been able to suppress this information from much of the public by of course labeling it “Conspiracy Theory”. That’s the default argument they’ve been programming us with for decades. But because no one really knows who Q is and so many people are creating posts, articles, videos, etc… giving their vast array of potentially off the wall theories that tie in with their other theories… which tie in with… that the media just has to take the craziest idea they heard from any “Qanon follower” and make it sound like that’s what Q said in a post. Even the theories within the movement are inconsistent so the media is able to use the fringe views to discredit the whole idea. Keeping people from actually checking it out.

So my point is, even if there is nothing to the overall movement, theory, whatever you want to call it. There is no disputing the evidence I’ve seen from posts, or the evidence that was uncovered by followers that went and did research based on a Q post, that eventually ended up being something reported in the media because it was just news. Anyone following Q posts knew that was coming.

If you haven’t looked at the actual posts then you really don’t know what it’s about. It’s pretty extraordinary. So much corruption is being exposed and indications are that much of this evidence is already part of the ongoing investigations into things like NXIVM, FISA, and Clinton email servers to name a few.

Which anyone that doesn’t question why Hillary Clinton and her staff were wiping electronics and smashing them with hammers after they were subpoenaed to hand them over, yet nothing happened, really needs a wake up call. I still hear late night shows doing bits where they joke about why anyone cares that she used a private email server. But that is just attempting to deflect attention away from the content of the information that was found on the servers that became public.

So now that the Mueller investigation and the impeachment trial are over and we head into an election year, most of the world has been forced to shut down all commerce and stay at home because of a “deadly new virus”. It’s officially called SARS-Cov-2 because it’s the second version of this type of coronavirus that hit the world years ago that we all called SARS.

Covid-19 is the name that has been given to a disease that consists of a group of symptoms that can be caused by the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus in humans. Which are also the same symptoms as several other respiratory and other underlying health conditions that all contribute to thousands of deaths a year.

It’s horrible that so many people die every year from anything that’s preventable. One of the positives I’m hoping that comes out of this public awareness regarding the cause of death numbers is that more people will realize how many of those deaths are preventable by just being healthier in general.

But I do remember that as the coronavirus started hitting the US, posts were being blocked for claiming that various supplements could help at all. Saying it was harmful disinformation. Yet just starting yesterday I saw headlines everywhere stating “Healthy Vitamin D Levels Could Be Linked to COVID-19 Survival” based on a new study out of Northwestern University.

So at this point, I am so confused about what is really going on and have no idea where to get truthful information. Just this past week was probably one of the boldest censorship plays I’ve seen from social media since Q, which was stopping the upload and sharing of the documentary trailer for “The Plandemic”.

I have no idea if any of that video is true, but I do find it highly suspicious that they were so intent on blocking people from seeing it until they were able to flood the Internet with debunking articles, videos, reports, etc… to discourage people from actually checking it out. We’re definitely experiencing an unprecedented censorship situation where anyone that contradicts the official narrative (CDC/WHO recommendations) is blocked/banned on social media. WTF! Opinions are no longer allowed?

Yet I’ve heard multiple times lately someone on TV making a statement similar to this Nancy Pelosi quote, “The President is asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs”. Which is 100% not true and they know that for a fact, but they’re choosing to say it anyway because they can. And they ALL do it.

Just over the last few days General Flynn had charges dropped and transcripts from the Russia investigation are being publicly released. One thing that has become apparent is that many of the people involved in those investigations were making public statements that were in direct opposition to what they knew to be true based on sworn testimony and evidence behind closed doors. So there was truth under oath, but not to the media and the public. Yet that’s what we’ve been forming our view of events based on.

So in my view, it’s starting to look like the curtain is being pulled back and much of the global corruption will soon be exposed and prosecuted. It’s going to be interesting to see how the public reacts as we get the actual evidence of what has been going on. Or whether this is just going to be the same old crap where there is this public theater with politicians attacking each other for months and then in the end everything keeps going on with business as usual for them. While the rest of us deal with the consequences of their corruption.

Right now the US is just starting to open up from the lockdown in some states and the concept of what it means to be “free” is being tested on a daily basis. Many of us felt that after 9/11 things like the Patriot Act, all the way to having to take off our shoes to get on an airplane, were major infringements on our rights afforded by the constitution all the way to illogical but tolerable annoyances based upon the new circumstances. Well… that was child’s play compared to what’s being proposed right now.

I’m not talking publicly proposed by the lawmakers yet. I’m saying just the discussion started for things like vaccination documents for work or travel, phone tracker networks, cashless society, etc… All they have to do is propose the idea to start the conversation which creates sides for and against, which can then be manipulated. I’ve watched this happen soooo many times. The attempt to just get the public conversation started to gauge reaction or influence sentiment is pretty much a go-to strategy.

The question is whether we’re going to continue to let ourselves be deceived into accepting life in fear and under increasing tyranny or embrace the fact that maybe, just maybe, the wheels are in motion to break up the global corruption network that has enslaved all of humanity.

We just have to open up our eyes and accept that it could be possible and actually look at the information available outside the major news and social media networks. Don’t just accept a single version of events. Do your own research and even seek out the opposing view to hear their argument.

Now… I know there is really no way around this for me or for most other people. The way that Trump acts and talks to and about so many people is abhorrent. It makes it really hard to believe that him becoming POTUS is the best thing that could have happened to the United States, possibly the world, and that he is really trying to do good. But just consider this.

Through open-minded conversations I’ve had with friends and acquaintances that do not accept that Trump could possibly care about anyone besides himself, or his rich friends and family (which I feel is a valid point that has to be considered based on his past), another possibility arose. Within the framework of the narrative I proposed at the beginning of this article, Trump doesn’t even have to care about the people for it to be true.

If Trump is really doing what it appears, looking from outside the lens of the mainstream narrative, his motivation could be all for his own ego and legacy. He could be the guy who saves America and takes down the global corruption networks. It doesn’t change the fact that if you look at the actual evidence it looks like he may be doing exactly that, whether you believe his motivations are noble or selfish. Same result for us.

Based on only this article I would never expect anyone to change their minds about anything I’ve discussed. I’m just trying to point out that if you’re not already doing so, you may need to start really looking between the lines about the information you’re being bombarded with. When you hear something, try to get to the source. Read articles with opposing viewpoints, with the mentality that you don’t really know what you’re going to think until after you process what happened.

And if you have not checked out the actual Q posts I suggest you do so. Not everything is going to make sense for sure especially if you’ve never read them. But if you scan through and see a post that has something you find interesting to look into a little deeper, do it.

If they’re old posts then you’ll probably find that people have already done the research and posted responses on the board, or even created an article/video explaining what they found. And this has been done hundreds of times on many topics. If you’re someone that just thinks it’s nonsense because that’s what you heard and you don’t know much about it, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be shocked at what you find. Here is where I follow:

This is going to be a wild ride coming out of lockdown, moving into summer, and on to the 2020 election. There is a lot at stake and I hope that as a civilization we decide to make good decisions moving us into the future.

For the first time in my lifetime, I actually believe that it’s possible that the global networks of corruption are being broken down and we, as a society, have a chance to take back our freedom if we are awake enough to do so. Or this could all be an elaborate power grab by a confrontational, yet charismatic con man.

It’s really hard to tell what’s true about anything anymore, but what we all can tell is that the world is in the midst of a global paradigm shift. Only time will tell what our future will look like.

Personally, I will be pushing for freedom!

~Chords of Truth

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