Chords of Truth Releases a Trippy Folkstep Music Video to an Electronic Remix of “Listen”

This brand new video showcases a trendsetting musical collaboration merging the styles of traditional vocal/acoustic folk music with the crunchy beats and sounds of modern electronic dubstep.


Since the release of the “Chords of Truth Reflections Project” in early 2012, audio and visual artists have transformed the original 7 acoustic folk songs. They have cut, sliced and diced the tracks to each song creating something entirely new to share. They have constructed visuals to represent what they saw when they heard these songs. The project has literally taken on a life of it’s own.

So to continue this creative momentum, Chords of Truth has produced a trippy, effects driven music video for the dubstep remix of Listen by Tha Green Raver.

“The song and video was created to help remind everyone to WAKE UP and think, question! All while enjoying the ride.” ~Chords of Truth