Thoughts regarding “Chords of Truth” new single | “Wonder”

There are many concerns we have as a species regarding our continued survival. Some people are working toward colonies on other planets, while others are just trying to find food and shelter. Creating a broad spectrum of issues that are all important to the people that have them, and everyone needs support. A big problem right now is that most of the world is caught up in the “Show” and are being distracted from the reality of our situation. So… what is our situation?

One thing that seems to be undisputed is that every living thing is hard wired to survive and reproduce. We don’t really have a good explanation for why, but it does seem to be the case. However, our behavior as humans often appears to be working in direct contrast to this goal. But once again it depends on your perspective.

If we’re talking about a future where our species has evolved into “AI” or some form of “Conscious Observers” that no longer require biological suits, then our current consumptive/industrial behavior fits reaching that goal in the shortest amount of time possible. But… only if we, as aware intelligent human beings, use our limited amount of time and resources to expand beyond this planet before one of the many inevitable global killer events occur, can we even hope to survive as a species.

We hear a lot of talk about saving the planet, and of course we need to immediately move our energy technology toward renewables. The continued use of oil and coal as a significant energy source is nothing but corruption. But it has been an invaluable resource that allowed our species to progress in a way that is essential to even the possibility of our survival. No matter what we do, humans cannot live on this planet forever. And we have no idea when the day will come that we can’t.

As a society we need to realize that there is more going on around us than constantly defending what we think we know, worrying about whether someone is offended by using a non-PC phrase, or even caring what some politician/actor/reality star said. And start creating a world full of abundant love, happiness and freedom that is worth saving. Remember, we’re all on this ride together but only you can change your experience. Reality is what YOU make it!

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Wonder by Chords of Truth | Lyrics


I wonder bout the people who live without the means
to get them where they need to be for bringing about change
that they look for in the models they see all around them
in the family, in the city, in the schoolyard

Who are they?
I wonder what they could be?
Who will help them see… If you won’t?

I wonder bout the people who can’t seem to see
through their preconceptions that they cling to for life and death
even if it conflicts with what they know deep down to be reasonable
for our progress, for our culture, for our future

Who are they?
I wonder what they could be?
Who will help them see… If you won’t?

I wonder bout the people who ponder how we’re going to make it
to the next stage of this journey through the cosmos all together
we must try to do our best to create a world without hunger
without thirsting, without hatred, without fighting and wars

Who are they?
I wonder what they could be?
Who will help them see… If you won’t?

(Release Date: July 15, 2016)
Jason Garriotte – Writer, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jef Joslin – Producer, Piano, Bass, bg Vocals
Rob Beaton – Mastering Engineer
Javan Maegla Joslin – Photography